the entrepreneur stylist

A true Turin woman who distilled the best from her city, mixing it with the thousand contaminations of those who travel without ever losing their identity.
Cristina has been able to associate fantasy, small eccentric touches and great care for precious and refined details to the elegance and sobriety of Savoy. Factors that make the difference and make Kristina Ti's style immediately recognizable.
A genre without borders, born, however, from roots well anchored to its origins, which goes around the globe. Loved by international socialites, Cristina thinks of a chic woman with a precise fashion philosophy, that is a sublimation of Turin in its most refined meanings.
«Never one piece too many, rather one less. At least one detail rich in taste and not in money.».
Applying these concepts of infinitesimal refinement to collections is not easy. But Cristina's slow and inexorable success was all played out on tiny changes.
Working on one centimeter more or less of a neckline, on the choice of the shade of a lace done again as it once was, on the application of a micro decoration.
All imperceptible things that in the end gave rise to an innovative, strongly connoted aesthetic.
Here lies the secret of its success. With constant changes, not very traumatic, and an unshakable constancy, typical of Piedmont, great revolutions are made. His, in fact, is. Without shortcuts.
«I have always thought that the most seductive part of the body is the brain, says Cristina, The intelligence of a woman intrigues far beyond the vision of naked curves or exhibited with vulgarity. There is no style, there is no charm without knowledge, without a mix of cultures and a pinch of humor.r».
With four single-brand stores in Italy (Milan, Turin, Porto Cervo and Forte dei Marmi), today the Kristina Ti creations are synonymous with minimal-sensual fashion, exquisitely feminine, which has been able to conquer the sensitivity of women, proposing a way of being more than a way of dressing.